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I once said I loved you from the deepest part of my heart

And you smiled at me as a sign of appreciation

Our chats were great the conversations flowed well

We were happy together I remember cause you were the source of my joy

You were all I could think of every time I felt lonely

Silence from you even for a second was a heartache to me

With you I learnt to value love

With you I learnt to appreciate a woman

Cause you gave me a reason to love
But things changed 

I guess nothing stays forever perfect

Hours passed day by day and the distance between us grew

You went silent on me giving me blue ticks every time I texted

And all I could do is laugh at myself as tears fell

But since blue was my favourite colour I chose not to give up

Your love  for me was fading I believed so

You no longer felt the same for me

Putting commas to our love story

Was there a replacement for me waiting to be appointed??

Was the feeling you once had fake or did I wrong you in any manner??

Had my sweetness lost taste in you heart this time round

For sure I was going crazy with this thoughts 
Now I wonder around the skies

Hoping the stars would shine brighter on me

I won’t call you a liar or even a betrayer 

Cause I believe love can be restored in souls

I still value you and your position is irreplaceable

Hope one day I will shed tears of joy by looking at you

Hope someday I will wake up to our wedding day

Hope one day our dreams will turn a reality

For in love I choose you over the cracks in my heart

©The Ink Servant

©PoetBiggie Jay